What's inside instax mini 8?

We got this Instax Mini 8 camera while traveling around New Zealand, and fell in love with it instantly (basically since the first print came out of it)! It was working perfect, just until today. We wanted to switch the paper inside, and when we tried to turn it back on after and take the first shot, nothing happened. Well something happened - all the orange lights in front of the camera started blinking, and that was it.

I tried to put new batteries in it, turn it off and on again, but nothing worked. After a quick research online, I found a few possible solutions. One was to open it and somehow push the paper through with a knife - no thank you, or to take off a few screws, take it apart and check the little engine that is pushing the paper. 

Obviously I went with the second option. If you're having the same issue, I think the good thing to do is take the batteries out first, than start taking the screws out (don't forget the hidden one which is under the little piece of plastic where the paper comes out. You need to unscrew all the others and open the camera little bit before you take the little piece out. 

After I opened it, it all looked fine to me, so I tried to put the batteries back on, and that was it! It started working again like a charm. Don't know what happened there exactly, but I'm glad it's all good now. 

Ondrej Sustik