First week with DJI Mavic Air

As some of you know, about a week ago I switched from Dji Mavic Pro, to the new Mavic Air. The decision was mainly because after some problems, I could no longer rely on the old drone, and when they relased the Air, I just went for it. It's amazing piece of technology, but there's a few important things I don't like about it.

Dji Mavic Air White


Let's start with good things! 

8 things I love about DJI Mavic Air


It’s tiny

It’s so small, you can easily put it in your pocket. Literally.


Looks perfect, like a tiny Lamborghini. There are 3 different colors avaliable, and if that's not enough I’ve already seen some colorful stickers to customize your drone.


First thing you notice after starting the drone. It’s a little bit quieter than Mavic Pro, my guess would be it’s because of smaller propellers.


It will be really hard to crash this one, because it has sensors all over it’s body. Especially with rear sensors, when  you’re filming flying backwards

Panorama shots

Haven’t tried this new feature yet, but looks like fun! 

Internal storage

It happened to every drone pilot out there- you’re out on a trip and want to film or take a few photos, when you realize you forgot to pack you micro SD. DJI finally solved this, as Mavic Air now comes with 8gb internal storage.

Gimbal lock

Gimbal lock on Mavic Pro was a pain in the ass for me, and with the camera cover, you have two more fragile things to look after. On Mavic Air, you only have one thing, and it’s really easy to take it off and on again – Love this one!

Remote controller

When traveling light, every little bit of space helps. That’s why removable control sticks are something I’m really happy about. It only takes a few seconds, and you can safely store them inside of the controller.


5 Things I hate about the new DJI Mavic AIR


Battery life

20 minutes of flight time isn’t much, so 2-3 spare batteries are a must. And when you’re at it, buy a car charger!


Wifi signal

Mavic Air is back on Wifi signal? What’s up with that? You’re pretty much done flying in the city with this thing, as you’ll start loosing signal after 100 meters. In the nature you’re still fine, but could be better.


No portrait mode

I love shooting vertical images, so I was really happy about this feature on  Mavic Pro. Mavic Air, however, can do only horizontal, so no more drone videos for instagram stories, and also no more vertical drone prints!


Missing important buttons

Getting rid of a display on the remote controller was a good thing, noone is looking at that anyway, but not having that little wheel in the back of the remote for quick exposure change?

Now every time you want to change exposure, you have to tap your phone several times.


No shortcut for 90 degree camera angle change

I used this really often when taking photos. It makes your life so much easier, and filming faster. Just press the button, and the camera jumps from looking forward to looking straight down. Now you have to turn the wheel and slowly change the angle of the camera all the way to the bottom.  Theres still is a shortcut to jump back up though - ???


Dji Mavic Air Case

One last good thing - Mavic Air comes in this great case, so you don't have to buy anything else. (Fits only the drone, not remote)


Hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope it helps you with the decision if to buy Mavic Air, or not! 

If you have any more questions, please use a contact form to get in touch.